Wessel Werk Kit EBK280 & 35′ Hose


Kit, Wessel Werk EBK280 & 35′ Hose


Wessel Werk Kit EBK280 & 35′ Hose

Our kits are designed to work for most kinds of carpets. This kit comes with a main head, floor brush for bare floors including hardwood, dust brush, upholstery tool, crevice tools, wands and a hose hanger.

Our hoses are crush proof quality, 30′ or 35′ long depending on your needs, some come with an on/off switch so you can control the vacuum by turning it on and off from the switch on the handle, other hoses come with direct connect wall end so as soon as you plug the hose in the wall vacuum starts. When you’re done vacuuming pull the hose off the wall and vacuum will shut off (please refer to the picture of this product).

This kit is a fit all so will work with any central vacuum cleaner, System and almost every vacuum brand name on the market.

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Weight 20 lbs