Ghibli Canister Vacuum, Ghibli / Johnny Vac AS6 W/12″ LINDHAUS POWERHEAD


Canister Vacuum, Ghibli / Johnny Vac AS6 W/12″ LINDHAUS POWERHEAD


AS 6 is a handy, powerful, versatile and silent vacuum cleaner that is perfectly suited to clean hotels, restaurants, laboratories, shops, houses, hospitals and those places requiring minimum noise and great performances.

It is equipped with big-sized container and filters. Telescopic tube and detachable cable. Exhaust air filter. Clogged filter warning light. Storage spaces for accessories. Power brush connection. Optimal maneuverability, no friction thanks to the 360° pivoting front castors and to large diameter rear wheels. Equipped with anti-shock bumper.

Energy efficiency class: D
Max power rating: 1300 Watts
Container capacity: 12 Liters
Vacuum: mbar 250
Dimensions:350 x 450 x 375 mm
Weight: 15.4 lbs
RAISE YOUR EXPECTATIONS The PB series was designed to give a professional solution for the specific requirements of the customer.
Lindhaus engineered this accessory like a machine, it is equipped with the most sophisticated technical features in the world.
Long service life and low vibration levels, are achieved with superior engineering and precision manufacturing. All rotating components are balanced and protected by electronic controls.

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Weight 15 lbs